Fauji cement price | Cement price in pakistan today

Cement price in Pakistan today cement rates

According to the standards of Pakistan and the United States, military cement is a unique and good cement.

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This cement provides excellent protection against salt which is better than ordinary cement. After use, the color of this cement is much better than the normal brand۔In fauji cement, a lot of potassium oxide is mixed with safe cement. The fauji cement has been developed under a highly sophisticated and promotional team and on an automated plant with the help of the latest technology. Which is ensured at every step.Fauji cement is recommended that all types of construction are done with this cement.

Precautions or measures

Always take precautions before using cement.

 Wear gloves and in case of any injury or damage, it is appropriate.

 Make sure it is covered with a dressing. Waking up to cement

 Use a hand mask to avoid dust. If dust

 If the mask is not available, clean your nose and mouth.

Keep the cement in a happy place

Store the cement in a dry place because the cement can be damaged if the cement is scattered. Store the cement in a dry place because if the cement is scattered, it can be damaged. Store cement bag based on wood or brick and cover with a plastic sheet.

How long is the cement to use?

Well-stored and covered cement can be used for up to 3 months. Sometimes cement storage becomes difficult due to long/incorrect storage and dampness. Take the hard part of cement and crush it with your hands. If it can be crushed by hand using such cement other hard cement is not recommended to be used.


USES: with wild brushes of walls with scraps, dust, and clear water. Make sure every discharge of the affected area is closed. Prepare mortar in proportion to 1:2 and plane the affected area to ensure strength and stability. Allow the area to stay a few days to avoid any drawers.

Cement price in Pakistan

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Fauji cement price | Cement price in Pakistan today

Cement company

Shehar Zella

50 kg beg


Fauji cement


50 kg


Fauji cement


50 kg


Fauji cement


50 kg


Fauji cement


50 kg


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Fauji cement price,Cement price in pakistan today cement rates,

Water the plastering cement for at least seven days. Make sure the plaster has no dry place. It is better to cover the thick damp cloth with a plowed or built area. Store the cement in a dry place, as the cement stack lasts up to a maximum of 10 bags that can damage the dirt.

One Cement – Many Benefits 

  ● Improved Strength and Durability for all types of construction.

· Suitable for Water Logged and Saline Areas.

· Suitable for all parts of Building and Construction i.e. Columns,

· Beams, Roof Slabs, Plastering, etc. It guarantees Strength and

· Offers relief against Salinity. Guards against Seepage & Salt attacks and prevent Plaster and

· Paint peeling.

· Most suitable for Underground Structures, Basements,. Foundations, DPC, Water tanks, Bathrooms, etc.

· Suitable for Sewerage systems and all Underground Pipes.

· Water tanks either underground or on the rooftops constructed

With fauji Cement are durable and sturdy

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